Teaching the head, teaching the hands.

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Who We Are

Our mission at Distelrath Farms is to develop self-reliant, lifelong learners by facilitating an agriculturally-immersive, holistic educational space. 

That means we operate a school on a farm.

More specifically, we use the teachable moments and practical skills inherent in agriculture to guide children to be independent, curious, and world-wise.  We leave behind the rote memorization and standardized testing in favor of a more personalized education, where our students are constantly challenged to apply what they learn to everyday situations. We acknowledge our students' successes and failures, and encourage improvement no matter the outcome.

We learn from our students as much as they learn from us. We are confident this journey will lead every child at our school to success and fulfillment in later life. 

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What We Do

There is never a dull moment at Distelrath.  From beekeeping, to picking flowers, to making friends with our resident birds and beasts...our students interact with the world in fascinating ways!

Take a look at some of our favorite moments: 

read our history and philosophy here.