Confidence to Explore

When you were a child, did you romp around your backyard and dream of climbing a beanstalk up above the clouds?  Did you use your plastic shovel to dig a hole all the way down to China? 

Those natural, free moments are some of the fondest memories we treasure as adults. 

Our early education program makes those beautiful moments teachable.

We measure how big our beanstalk grows every day, and talk about what the weather would be like up above the clouds.  We determine how long we would have to dig to make it to China, and what Beijing would look like when we got there. 

In short, we help our kiddos to become active participants in the great big world, and give them the self-confidence to continue exploring. 

Capacity to Experiment

In addition to the ever-present potential for exploration and play, our schedule and curriculum evolves around the daily operations of the farm.  While the older students do the heavy lifting for our various farm projects, younger students actively participate in and learn from:

  • Growing their own fruits and vegetables
  • Caring for pets and livestock
  • Building classrooms
  • Preparing meals
  • Interacting with guests and customers

For a more detailed look at our daily schedule, click here.

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