Our students Grow

Tomatoes. Beets. Carrots. Responsibility. Red Peppers. Jalapeños. Joy. Kale. Green Beans. Lettuce. Arugula. Humble Confidence. Bok Choy. Pork. Potatoes. Self-Reliance. Beef. Strawberries. Sunflowers. Mint. Okra. Chicken. Eggs. Respect. Squash. 

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Our Students Thrive 

The School at Distelrath Farms takes fundamental education and moves it from the classroom to the real world.  

Whether selling fresh produce to local restaurants or constructing a school building, we guide students aged 12 to 18 through in-depth projects from conception to completion.

They collaborate and strategize from start to finish, using equal parts critical thinking and elbow grease to meet their goals.  Challenges are embraced as opportunities for insight and growth, and success is defined on a case by case basis.

Our objective isn't to develop farmers but to utilize the business of agriculture to give kids life experience and practical skills they will be certain to use no matter where their future path leads.

Our Students Understand 

In addition to fulfilling the typical duties of a farm, in just a few short months our high school students have:

  • Constructed a sales pavilion with simple hand tools
  • Installed a wood-burning stove (including pipe and chimney)
  • Developed and implemented the wood-stove fundraising campaign
  • Designed and wrote a monthly e-newsletter, The Distelrath Dish
  • Assisted in brainstorming and creation of programming for little ones
  • Started the process of new classroom construction. This includes designing a floor plan, creating a materials list, and establishing lines of communication with various city officials

Meet our students and learn more about their accomplishments here. 

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