Our Future Gathering Place


Project description

We the high school students are going through the stages to build a pole-barn style classroom in order to expand the Distelrath Farm school program to preschool students.


So why build another building that we have to pay taxes on, do extensive of research, and deal with permitting agencies that wont call you back? There are many reasons, multiple purposes, and lots of uses. The process alone gives students extensive experience in the production of a large project. 

The building will serve as a gathering place for teachers and students. In other words, it will be a place to herd the "wild animals" that don't live on the farm. The steel roof provides a shelter for general storage and protection from extreme weather. We aren't made of sugar but sometimes when it rains it pours. The poly-carbonate section of the roof provides a space for an indoor garden. The building will provide a central location for personal items, main drop-off and pick-up, bathrooms, and lunch central.


As of 1/21/16

We students have been working together to further the planning and completion of the building and brainstorming how we can improve the design to insure the structure isn't going to cave and the space is properly utilized. Extensive research has been done and there is more to come.

Permitting forms and dealing with agencies is a sore spot with us. We have dealt with unanswered calls and have been told numerous times that "this is not the number you need to be calling." Needless to say, our levels of stress and frustration have been high.

We keep reminding ourselves this is just the first few steps toward the big goal. After drafting, discussing foot-traffic flow and layout, planning, and having a professional give us pointers, we now have a floor plan! We have selected and cleared the location for our building. Cecily, our student artist, designed an artistic rendering of both the inside and outside of the building. We have come a long way in a short amount of time.