Farm Practices

It's our conclusion that much of what's missing in American culture today can be found on the farm.

Our produce is grown using nutrient rich, organic methods. We pull weeds and pick pests in order to ensure healthy crops. The difference is clear.

All of our livestock are raised naturally, under the sun and sky, and are fed what nature intended, not simply what will "grow them faster." They all play a specific and integral role in our holistic permaculture management model, and they help ensure a balanced and sustainable farm environment.  Once on the farm, our livestock is never given growth hormones, vaccinations, or any unnecessary on unnatural concoctions.


Our produce is grown naturally, without chemicals and artificial inputs. The result is an overall quality that can't be matched on an industrial scale.

We could bore you with a bunch of statistics about why our fruits and veggies are higher quality than any you'll find at your local grocery store, but you're better off stopping by the farm and tasting the difference for yourself!


There's a reason grocery store meat is so inexpensive—it just simply doesn't compare.

Our birds are raised on pasture, using electric netting to keep the predators at bay.  Their natural and omnivorous diet creates a tender and flavorful bird that a factory farm cannot produce.


Our laying hens produce the finest quality eggs. Tough shells, bright yolks, and delicious flavor are a result of chickens being chickens.

The hens are free to eat grasses and insects and to have as much exercise as they wish.


Our pigs split their time between pasture, garden, and barnyard. They are rarely in the same place for more than a few days, and are kept healthy and happy through a varied and omnivorous diet.

The pigs are our garden plows and our scrub land scrubbers (as nature intended), and their quality reflects just that.