Our future mini ecosystem 

What is it?

We're working on building a mini water-based ecosystem on our farm. At the end of this project, we plan on having a long, winding ditch to collect rain water that can flow into a pond, bursting with life. There will be a wide variety of water-intensive flora and marine fauna, such as cattails, frogs, mushrooms, fish, ducks, and crayfish.


This will give us a good irrigation, water purification and water retention system and why not create an amazing mini ecosystem right here on our farm? That is what we aim to accomplish with our water reclamation project. This is an extremely educational example of the food chain, and the cycle of life in nature for students. And it's awesome! Who wouldn't want a pond at their school? In addition, we want to use this as another source of various foods that could be grown/raised in that habitat.

here's the process

This is a large undertaking but so far, we have a hole for the future pond and a ditch that has water. This project is just north of our location for the school building, on the east side of the main path. When the water isn't frozen, ducks are very happy to swim in the water all day, only taking breaks for food. Later on in the process, we will be putting in a pump that will circulate the water through the ditch into the pond and around again. All these steps require that we research before taking action. We are a school and we aim to learn; this is a learning process. The finished product will have a fence around all the water for the children's safety. We are all very excited here at the farm for the construction of our new school building and the creation of our mini water ecosystem.